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The 2-day intensive workshop offers participants the opportunity to learn about a type of theatrical method in which the body is a dynamic, instinctive and honest tool. Its essence is to develop body-consciousness, non-verbal stage expression tools, and stage presence. In addition to physical, rhythm, and team building exercises, live music improvisation are an important part of the work.

Through the various physical exercises a kind of openness and sensitivity develops within the actor to the physical expression of creative spiritual impulses. The goal is to make our bodies and our movements the number one expression tool in the work, through which we form thoughts, emotions, and relations with our partners.

As an actor and teacher, I find it important that I involve the young people interested in theater in the creative work within the framework of an open workshop. I believe that participating in workshops is the most direct form of artistic interaction. Methods applied and taught by me are based on movement, physicality, and music; a kind of theatrical language that transcends cultures. The method I use is the set of experiences and impulses that have shaped my work, both as an actor and a trainer. A significant part of these are the techniques employed by W. Staniewski (OPT Gardzienice leader) and J. Grotowski.

The work is challenging physically, emotionally, and mentally while it stimulates an intuitive and radical search that is different from the text-based acting applied in classical theater and from dance theatre. This is a form of theatre approach in which gestures, impulses, and live music form a whole.

"During the work with Esztella we challenged ourselves both physically and mentally, pushing and crossing out limits, and by through the exercises, get into a state of consciousness(with the help of Esztella’s intuitive attention and suggestions) in which the words and scenes unfold by themselves in forms often surprising to us as well. It is a thrilling, inspirational, and always very liberating experience to be a part of these processes, both as a participant and as a spectator. It has had a great impact on me every time because there is no unnecessary acting. The scenes can only speak honestly. I have participated in several trainings (and I intend to do it in the future as well) and I have been enriched with a lasting experience each time. I recommend it to everyone from the bottom of my heart."
Selmeci Lili (participant)

Esztella received a BA degree in European Theater Arts from Rose Bruford College, London, studied in Moscow at the Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography (ВГИК). She has worked with several European theater companies since 2008. The content of her multidisciplinary work experience has ranged greatly and encompasses a broad spectrum. For instance, she has been working with the Polish avant-garde theater company OPT Gardzienice. She has played in the production of William Shakespeare's Henry the V. directed by Pippo Delbono (Italy), worked with Compagnie Philippe Genty (France), as well as ViaNegativa (Slovenia.) She played in the movie Locked In, shot in Scotland. The film was featured in several festivals such as LA Shorts and Sacramento International Film Festival. Besides her professional career she is a Phd student at Eötvös Loránd University.

In recent years, she lead workshops in several cities in Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, and Japan.

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Lead by: Esztella Levko