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The devastating war in Europe forces the mother to make her twins stay with their grandmother, the witch of many folk tales. The lonely, hungry and freezing children learn how to survive by themselves, and write their diaries in their notebook. They survive with hardened hearts and toughened bodies.
 The Notebook is a tale with black humour, a coming-of-age story. A vision about a ruthless world and the terrors of war and post-war periods. Agota Kristof was a Hungarian writer who lived in Switzerland and wrote in French. She was born in Hungary but at the age of 21 she had to leave her country when the Hungarian anti-communist revolution was suppressed by the Soviet military. She escaped to Neuchâtel in Switzerland with her family. After 5 years of loneliness and exile, she quit her work in a factory and left her husband. She started studying French and began to write novels in that language. She received the European prize for French literature for The Notebook. This novel was translated in more than 30 languages.

”The Forte Company’s production of Agota Kristóf’s novel, The Notebook, is absolutely superb. Running at two and a half hours without interval, it completely immerses you in the lives of its pre-/pubescent twin boys, living with their grandmother throughout WWII in Nazi-occupied Hungary. Perhaps the highest compliment possible is that it doesn’t feel a second longer than 90 minutes.”
”The acting is superb: Csaba Krisztik and Norbert Nagy as the twins manage to mine the essence of childhood without once resorting to ’pretending to be ten’, instead applying the boy’s worldly-but-innocent logic implacably with just the right mixture of chilling and heartbreaking.” (Andrew Hayton, http://postcardsgods.blogspot.hu/2015/03/a-nagy-fuzet-szkene-szinhaz.html)

Jancsó Miklós Award - Veszprém, Hungary (2014)
People's Choice Award - Veszprém, Hungary (2014) tours and festivals abroad:
May 27th 2013 - TESZT Fesztival, Timisoara (Romania)
March 14th 2014 - Szene Ungarn, Burgtheater, Vienna (Austria)
October 8th 2014 - Dimitria Festival, Thessaloniki (Greece)
October 9th 2014 - Dimitria Festival, Thessaloniki (Greece)
October 22nd 2014 - Demoludy Festival, Olsztyn (Poland)
December 2nd 2014 - Desiré Festival, Subotica (Serbia)
December 8th 2014 – Thália Evenings, Košice (Slovakia)
May 20th 2015 - Arad (Romania)
October 18th 2015 - Maribor Theatre Festival (Slovenia)
November 29th 2015 - Sfântu Gheorghe (Romania)
December 10th 2015 - II. Hungarian Contemporary Dance Festival in Berlin (Germany)
September 24th 2018 - MOT Festival, Scopje (Macedonia)
Premiere: 15th February 2013
Supported by: NKA, EMMI, EMET, MMA

'THE NOTEBOOK' will be performed in Hungarian, with English subtitles.


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Norbert NAGY
Katalin SIMKÓ
József KÁDAS
Borbála BLASKÓ
Music by: Csaba ÖKRÖS
Costumes: Mari BENEDEK
Light design: Ferenc PAYER
Production manager: Anna KUDRON
Directed by: Csaba HORVÁTH