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Experts Band - local business or who am I?

The Szakértők ('Experts')Band’s is one of the most unique musical groups of Hungary. Their repertoire is influences by the Hungarian, Balkan, Gypsy and Jewish cultures as well as many contemporary international composers such as Steve Reich and Terry Riley.

The band was founded in Kaposvár, Hungary at Csiky Gergely Theater in 200 while they were accompanying the performance titled ‘Just a Nail’ directed by János Mohácsi. In the following years they have appeared in many theater productions across the country both as musicians and as actors (5606-Mad Soul, Defeated Troops, The Villain of the Village, Yellow Lilly, Devils, You Live Only Once - National Theater of Budapest). Simultaneously, they started touring with their own concerts performing original songs composed by Márton Kovács.

Their New York concert will feature songs that are integral part of the performances presented at the Festival, but also show a different flaire at the concert as they reinterpret them in a unique and exciting way by creating a new orchestration which fits a larger band. Their music also reveals how close Hungary is to New York. The Szakértők ('Experts')bandproves that folk music knows no boundaries and that ‘wandering people’ help beautiful melodies get anywhere.
As a nod to the multicultural dialogue represented in the Festival they will be joined on stage by two great American musicians: Matt Darriau and Jessica Lurie.

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The musicians of the Szakértők ('Experts')band are: Béla Ágoston, Tamás Bárány, Tibor Bodor “Teskó”, Gábor Csíkvár, Attila Kápolnás, Márton Kovács, Árpád Némedi, Tamás Rozs, Tamás Sebesi, Ákos Zságer-Varga

Guest artists: Matt Darriau, Jessica Lurie

Vocals: Csilla Radnay, Eszter Bánfalvi, Nikolett Pankovits