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Hip-hop beats, electronica, scratch, samples from films and folk songs and jazz...a masterful combination of all of the above has constituted the tracks of DJ-producer-turntablist Bootsie for twenty years.

He managed to stand out of the international hip-hop electronic scene even with his first album (The Silent Partner), released at Ugar Records in 2004, thanks to his unique voice. His second and third albums were released by the British BBE Records, who also carry world-class names such as J-Dilla, Pete Rock, DJ Vadim and DJ Jazzy Jeff or Madlib.

He has made soundtracks for theatre and cinema and his tracks are included on well-known selection albums and fashion forums. (Buddha Bar, CSI tv series, Vogue.de, Mercedes Benz Mixtape, Marc Cain, DJ Cam-My playlist..)

He was commissioned by the Hungarian State Opera to remix two movements of Hunyadi László by composer Ferenc Erkel and pieces of Wagner’s Twilight of the Gods and The Rhinegold.

He was the co-founder of the style-setting underground hip-hop formation in the mid-90’s, the Against the Current rap group, with which he won the Fila Rap Jam talent show out of 150 competitors.

He won a DMC competition in 1996 in Hungary and ran in the connecting world championships later.

He was a member of the Yonderboi quintet that prepared their first, world-class album. They toured Europe for three years, and he co-founded the Zagar band and played in it for fifteen years. Bootsie composed the music of Oscar-winner Ferenc Rófusz’s animated film, “Ticket”.

He has been the music director of the Hungarian Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and the Central European Fashion Show called “Re-button it” since 2010.

Allegro Identity LP (2020)

All DJ Bootsie albums are recognizably the same, though completely different from the previous ones, and Allegro Identity (2020) is no exception. The sound, developed with almost engineering precision (experimental bass-trap-hip-hop-techno-jazz-ambient), is familiar, though this time with a more metallic and raw sound, the landscape we roam on is unknown (electro-futuristic science fiction). We sure are in the future. Perhaps somewhere in the depths of space, maybe on a planet conquered by DJ Bootsie and waiting to be discovered by his students, under his guidance.

The new material, like its predecessors, is a series of memorable compositions. Disturbing scenes from a movie that has as much action as poetry. It is more ruthless and radical than the previous ones, with more rumbling and rough-chunky bass filling deep sea spaces. At the same time, this album draws a lot from the Hungarian cultural scene, so ethnic elements and folk music patterns define it throughout, only in a much more inverted and transposed way than we have been accustomed to before.

Allegro Identity is a soul-gripping and twisted album. Apparently, machines are in control. However, the human voices and presence that convey pure emotion override the cold and artificial world of laboratories on every track. The album moulds the human and the machine, and natural and artificial beauty into one unique, spiritual entity. The future has already begun, and wherever it takes us, the human spirit will not let itself be defeated; it holds the control. That's what Allegro Identity is about.

He performed as a solo artist at the Euphoria Festival in Shenzen, China in January 2018 and gave a one-off concert named “Tempo battle” in co-operation with the Talamba drummers’ band, written especially for the Budapest Spring Festival. The audience gave a standing ovation and critics praised their performance.

He played a variety of venues as a DJ and with his band at festivals and clubs in Hungary as well as abroad (in Latvia, Russia, Romania, Slovakia, Czechia, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, the UK, Spain, Portugal and China).

He had the album release party of his 2020 upcoming album in Spring 2019 in the Palace of Arts, where this was his third live performance.

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