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The Bánfalvi Eszter Kvartett was founded by students majoring in acting at the University of Kaposvár in 2010.

About the name: from many bad possibilities (Albatros, Students,Soccer-School etc. ) they picked up the worst since the group has at least 8 members, Eszter Bánfalvi is not amongst them and they have nothing to do with jazz.

The special feature of the group is that all members are actors and they try to show this fact in the performances – ther are 6-10 perfomers on stage, and some of them plays on several instruments making the show more exciting.

This year the group released their first album titled „The Seventh Year”, and for one of the songs – Spritzermann – a videoklip was filmed.

By te way their genre is defined as ’pick up the girls rock’.

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Ádám Lábodi - vocals
Bálint Formán - bass, vocals
Tamás Keresztény - bass, vocals
Szabolcs Horváth - guitar
Benő Fehér Balázs - drums
Rozi Lovas - keyboards
Sámuel Miksa Garami - trumpet